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Decolonising the Researcher

Join Dr Awino Okech (SOAS), Dr Eka Ikpe (King’s), Dr Ian Calliou (Coventry University), Dr Andrea Espinoza Carvajal (King's) and Siseko H Kumalo (University of Pretoria) for a half-day workshop on what decolonisation can bring to the research process, sharing experiences and strategies on how they navigate issues such as positionality, ethics, power, and control.

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Global Blackness and Transnational Solidarity






Ufahamu Africa

In this episode, fellow Chido Nyaruwata speaks to Awino Okech, an associate professor of political sociology at SOAS, University London where she teaches in the Department of Politics and International Studies. They discuss Gender, Protests, and Political Change in Africa, a book edited by Dr. Okech. Their discussion reveals the multidimensional conditions which drive African feminist movements and women’s human rights defenders to advocate for transformation of social norms, practices, and inclusive state building in different African countries.

In the news wrap, Kim and Rachel talk about "shrinkflation" in Africa and across the world, a special report on terrorism rising from Amani Africa, and a new book on the Islamic state in Africa.

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The F Less Travelled

Making space for their stories, the duo invite guests to share 3 books 2 songs 1 object; things that have been their feminist friends along the road. The hosts want to unfurl, uncover and discover the feminisms they find & make everyday. Creating inter-generational feminist circles that push beyond the boundaries of academia, they’re elevating our voices & the paths they’ve chosen; creating a new collective, one that’s re-written and reclaimed by us.

In this episode, Amelia and Sabrina speak to Dr. Awino Okech.

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Black perspectives on International Relations