Authored Books

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Okech, Awino (2019) Widow inheritance and Contested Citizenship in Kenya. London: Routledge.

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Okech, Awino (2023). Feminist Protest Action in Kenya: Lessons and Directions.

Queer Movements and Disciplinary Laws in Africa. 2022

Introduction: feminist protests and politics in a world in crisis, 2021

Okech Awino (2021). Governing Gender: Violent Extremism in Northern Nigeria, 2021. Africa Development, 46 (3) 1 -19

Okech, Awino and Essof, Shereen and Carlsen, Laura (2021) 'Movement Building Responses to COVID-19: Lessons from the JASS Mobilisation Fund'. Economia Politica. 

Okech, Awino (2021) 'Feminist Digital Counterpublics: Challenging Femicide in Kenya and South Africa'. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, (46) 4, pp 1013-1033.

Okech, Awino and Mwambari, David and Olonisakin, 'Funmi (2021) 'COVID-19 responses and human rights in selected African countries'. Australian Journal of Human Rights, (26) 3, pp 549-555.

Okech, Awino (2020) 'African Feminist Epistemic Communities and Decoloniality'. Critical African Studies, (12) 3, pp 313-329.

Okech, Awino and Musindarwezo, Dinah (2019) 'Building Transnational Feminist Alliances: reflections on the post 2015 development agenda'. Contexto Internacional, (41) 2, pp 255-272.

Okech, Awino (2019) 'Gender and state-building conversations: the discursive production of gender identity in Kenya and Rwanda'. Journal Conflict, Security & Development, (21) 4, pp 501-515.

Okech, Awino (2018) 'Boundary anxieties and infrastructures of violence: Somali identity in post-Westgate Kenya'. Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, (3) 2, pp 293-309.

Olonisakin, 'Funmi and Hendricks, Cheryl and Okech, Awino (2015) 'The convergence and divergence of three pillars of influence in gender and security'. African Security Review, (24) 4, pp 376-389.

Okech, Awino (2015) 'Asymmetrical conflict and human security: Reflections from Kenya'. Strategic Review for Southern Africa, (37) 1, pp 53-74.

Okech, Awino (2013) 'Gendered security: Between ethno-nationalism and constitution making in Kenya'. Africa Peace and Conflict Journal, (6) 1, pp 29-42.

Edited Books or Journals

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Okech, Awino, (ed.), (2020) Gender, Protests and Political Change in Africa. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. (Gender, Development and Social Change).

Olonisakin, Funmi and Hendricks, Cheryl and Okech, Awino, (eds.), (2013) Africa peace and conflict journal - Vo.6 No. 1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: University for Peace Africa Programme.

Olonisakin, Funmi and Okech, Awino, (eds.), (2011) Women and Security Governance in Africa. Cape Town; Dakar; Nairobi; Oxford: Fahamu; Pambazuka Press.

Book Chapters

Okech, Awino (2023). The Feminist Classroom in a Neoliberal University in Ryan-Flood, R., Crowhurst, I. & Hawkins, L. (eds.) Difficult Conversations: A Feminist Dialogue. London: Routledge. 

Okech, Awino (2021). Rite of Being: Gender and Bodily Autonomy in Manenberg in Alex Halligey and Sara Matchett (eds). Collaborative Conversations: Celebrating Twenty-One Years of The Mothertongue Project. Cape Town. Modjaji Books

Matchett, Sara and Okech, Awino (2015) 'Uhambo: pieces of a dream - Waiting in the Ambiguity of Liminality'. In: Reinelt, Janelle and Singleton, Brian, (eds.), Performing Migrancy and Mobility in Africa. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp 110-124.

Okech, Awino (2013) ''In sisterhood and solidarity': queering African feminist spaces'. In: Ekine, Sokari and Abbas, Hakima, (eds.), Queer African Reader. Dakar: Pambazuka Press.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Okech, Awino (2023). Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law is a patriarchal backlash against progress.

Okech, Awino (2022). Would Kenyan women’s rights be safe under William Ruto? Why they might not be.

Okech, Awino (2022). We need a feminist economic alternative to Sunak and Hunt’s plans.

Okech, Awino and Marianne Mesfin Asfaw. 2021. Working Paper: Shrinking Civic Space and Women's Human Rights: A Case Study of Egypt and Tanzania

Olonisakin, 'Funmi and Okech, Awino (2020) Twenty Years of UNSC Resolution 1325 call for a Frank Forward Look.

Okech, Awino (2020) Why #EndSARS Matters in an Era of Increasing Militarisation and Repression.

Okech, Awino (2020) Humour in a Time of Coronavirus.

African Feminist Epistemic Communities, 2023

Keynote Address Presented at the Reflections Meeting on the CODESRIA Gender Institutes: Pasts and Futures Kampala, Uganda, 7 June 2023.

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